Crafts And LA Bling ... What Could Be Better?   Monday, November 05, 2012
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Thursday night, Spellbinders was honored to attend The LA launch party of Mark Montano's new book, "The Big Ass Book Of Bling"! It took place at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. There was lots of crafting and blinging going on and live streaming from the event was a complete blast. It was awesome to see so many Spellbinders friends and fans participating right along with us!

Terre Fry, Spellbinders Marketing Specialist, was busy the entire night doing make and takes for the crowd, complete with a blinged out Grand Calibur machine! I had fun chatting to the live feed fans along with Mark. We saw lots of familiar faces, including Angela Daniels, Tami Bayer, and Jonathon Fong! Mark's good friend, recording artist Meiko, performed at the event and if you haven't checked her out ... She's quite amazing to say the least!!

My 24 hour trip to LA was jammed packed with not only the party, but Friday before heading back to Phoenix, we snuck down to the amazing Fashion district! Trim, fabrics and other amazing finds were all around!! Oh my gosh, I need a week to go back and just treasure hunt.

I'm a big fan of the housewives of Beverly Hills ... I know, I know.... It's crazy reality TV, but for me it's a little relaxation escape out of my own life. It really helps me realize how my life is "quite normal" in comparison... LOL. Anyway , being that we stayed so close to Rodeo Drive, we were able to grab a quick bite at Lisa Vanderpumps beautiful restaurant, Villa Blanca. The food was delicious, and yes, she and her husband were there, and they were quite lovely!!

After lunch,  we had an hour to spare, so I’m sure you can’t possibly guess what we did. Oh yeah…You totally know what we did! Rodeo Drive + Stacey = of course Shopping!!!  Good thing that hour went fast... I could get into some big trouble in that area!!! I did manage to get Jeff a gift, and he was thrilled! Lesson for Friends... When one goes to shop in the mother of all shopping areas... Always remember your SPOUSE! It really makes all else well!!!   Hahaha!!!!






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  • Sue Monday, November 05, 2012

    What a wonderful time you must have had!
  • Amy Finch Monday, November 05, 2012

    I just love Mark Montano! He's so creative! I hope you work with him ongoing in the future!
  • Marisa Job Monday, November 05, 2012

    It sounds like you had a great day in LA Stacey!! I love Rodeo Drive!! You need a whole day there. Hugs!
  • Kim Hupke Tuesday, November 06, 2012

    I enjoyed watching the event on the live stream!  What a fun evening for all!!
  • Michele/Want2scrap Tuesday, November 06, 2012

    What an exciting an event!!!
  • Angela Daniels Thursday, November 08, 2012

    It was great seeing you at the party and I went to Villa Blanca the last time I was in Los Angeles! No Vanderpumps, though (lucky!) just me and a bunch of other housewives (note the non-capitalized "h").

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