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Every month we will feature a different artist and explore the inspiration for their creativity and style. This month we shine our spotlight on Samantha Walker, craft designer.

Creativity has always been a part of me. From decorating the halls of my childhood home with a purple crayon, or redecorating the interior of our Toyota station wagon with a lovely orange one...I’ve always loved adding my creative touch to the world around me.
Heart Card - Samantha Walker
Fortunately, my parents encouraged me to explore my artsy side. My grandmother on my father’s side was an incredible watercolorist, while my uncle on my mom’s side continues to inspire me with his bright intricate acrylic paintings. My parents are also creative in their own ways.

I studied design at BYU and graduated with a BFA in illustration. While I was there, I explored collage and impasto oil painting, later I played with watercolors. My current favorite medium is using my computer and programs like Adobe Illustrator.

As a Mom of three little kids, this way of working is incredibly practical...and easy to clean up. After all, my kiddos are a lot like me. I could just imagine the hey day they would have with purple oil paint running down the halls. I really don’t care for purple streaked hallways anymore. I encourage my kids to explore their creative instincts with washable markers and crayons.
Ribbon - Samantha Walker 

Love You Card - Samantha Walker
My mind is constantly whirling with new ideas...I just have to remind myself that there is not enough time to work on them all at once. Things get done one thing at a time, but that doesn’t stop my mind from constantly thinking step ahead while working on another project.

I think I’ve always worked this way, as a kid I refused to nap because I didn’t want to miss a thing. As an adult, this hasn’t changed much as I often don’t go to sleep until after 1:00am. I want to squeeze as much out of my day as I possibly can...I truly don’t want to miss a thing. I keep a notebook of different subjects I would like to play with, or techniques I would like to explore, which helps me focus on my current project, without worrying about forgetting what I would like to work on next.

My designs are influenced by childhood memories of the colorful 70‘s and 80’s, and the many traveling opportunities I’ve had in my life.

When I was first married, I was a military wife. My husband and I moved to Japan just one month after getting married, and we lived there for three years. We lived just south of Tokyo in the hustle and bustle of big city life...yet secluded in our military housing neighborhood with grass yards surrounding our home. I took the opportunity to take Sumi-e painting classes (calligraphic flower painting.) We traveled a lot within Japan, and also explored: Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam, and Bali. The imagery of my travels has been engrained in my mind, and has a tendency to naturally come out of my mind when I least expect it. I’m grateful for those experiences.

I was blessed to meet Stacey in 2004 at Camp Memory Makers in Dearborn, Michigan. She had this fabulous new die cutting machine that seemed to do everything. Her innovation, and sparkle in her eyes, caught my attention, and an instant friendship was born.
Dress Form Card - Samantha Walker
Eiffel Tower - Samantha Walker I hoped that someday that we would have an opportunity to work together. I am so grateful to her for allowing me to put my creative juices to work on dies for Spellbinders. I am having so much fun creating for them! It really is a dream to conjure up new designs and see them become actual product...and then the real treat comes when Spellbinders fans use the dies in their projects in ways I would have never expected.
The craft world is a collaboration of many creative minds...from the innovators like Stacy in bringing new products to the market, to designers spotting trends and creating new designs, to crafters using their magic to make the designs come to life. Dies aren’t just for card-making...and Spellbinders die users are proof of that!

Check out Samantha's blog, Samantha Walker Design, for more inspiration.

~Samantha Walker