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Gold Ovals One

Gold Ovals One

SKU: S4-413

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Spellbinders Imperial Gold

We’re excited to introduce the latest innovation in die design – Spellbinders® Nestabilities® Imperial Gold Enhancing Elements dies. These unique die templates in a classic oval shape used on their own create beautifully detailed inset designs that enhance without limits. They are ground breaking dies that cut, emboss, stencil and deboss, giving you the ability to cut and create in multiple layers with a single die template. This revolutionary technology brings you amazing laser-like detail and four times the creative power!

When paired with other Nestabilities Family products the creative possibilities are endless. Expand and enhance your existing die collections with multiple different looks and one-of-a-kind designs!

NOTE: GC-015 Junior Magnetic Placement Mat is necessary to perfectly cut, emboss, stencil and deboss all of our Imperial Gold die templates. Cut and Emboss Sandwiches are as follows:

Cutting Sandwich (stack from bottom to up): 1. Spellbinders Base Plate A; 2. Spellbinders Magnetic Placement Mat; 3. Imperial Gold die (cut ridges up); 4. Paper/Cardstock/Foil/Etc.; 5. Spellbinders Cutting Plate C

Embossing Sandwich (stack from bottom to up): 1. Spellbinders Base Plate A; 2. Imperial Gold die (cut ridges up & media still inside); 3. Spellbinders Tan Embossing Mat; 4. Spellbinders Embossing Plate B

Approximate Die Template Sizes:

Oval 1:  ½ x ⅝” (Inset)
Oval 2:  1 x 1⅜” (Inset)
Oval 3:  1½ x 2” (Inset)
Oval 4:  2 x 2⅝” (Inset)
Oval 5:  2½ x 3⅜” (Inset)
Oval 6:  3 x 4” (Inset)
Oval 7:  3½ x 4⅝” (Inset)
Oval 8:  4 x 5⅜” (Inset)