Elegant Twist Rectangles Etched Dies from the Elegant Twist Collection by Becca Feeken


$18.89 $26.99

Elegant Twist Rectangles Etched Dies Elegant Twist Collection from Amazing Paper Grace by Becca Feeken is a set of seven thin metal dies. Create beautiful braided rectangles and layer them with other rectangle designs for interest. This set die-cuts three elegant twist rectangles when nested together.

Elegant Twist Collection creates designs with the classic braid motif in mind. Layer with other coordinating shapes to inspire elegance and beauty that Amazing Paper Grace by Becca Feeken is known for.

Approximate Size:
Large Rectangle Outer Rim: 4.10 x 5.35 in. 10.40 x 13.60 cm
Large Rectangle Pattern: 3.95 x 5.25 in. 10.00 x 13.30 cm
Large Rectangle Inner Rim: 3.30 x 5.60 in. 8.40 x 14.20 cm
Medium Rectangle Outer Rim: 3.10 x 4.35 in. 7.80 x 11.00 cm
Medium Rectangle Pattern: 2.95 x 4.20 in. 7.50 x 10.70 cm
Medium Rectangle Inner Rim: 2.30 x 3.60 in. 5.80 x 9.10 cm
Small Rectangle Outer Rim: 2.10 x 3.35 in. 5.30 x 8.50 cm
Small Rectangle Pattern: 1.95 x 3.20 in. 5.00 x 8.10 cm
Small Rectangle Inner Rim: 1.30 x 2.55 in. 3.30 x 6.50 cm