Amodex® Ink & Stain Remover Bottle 1 oz.


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Amodex® Ink and Stain Remover easily cleans stains from surfaces and fabrics. Stains from inks, pens, gels, permanent marker, and may other crafting and non-crafting stains can easily be erased. Keep the crafting apron and workspace spick and spam with this product.

Size: 1 oz. Bottle/Blister

Below text on by Amodex®.

NON-TOXIC Many stains, One solution. 

  • Removes ALL INKS: Ballpoint, Permanent & Whiteboard marker (Sharpie® and Expo®), Felt Tip, Gel, Stamp Pad, Fountain Pen, Toner, Correction Fluid
  • Removes ALL FOOD STAINS: Berries, Chocolate, Coffee & Tea, Dressings, Fruit Juice, Gravy & Sauces, Ketchup, Mustard, Red Wine, & More!
  • Removes: Baby Formula, Blood, Crayon, Grass, Grease/Oil, Hair Dye, Make-up, Paints, Tar, & “old and mystery stains”

● Non Toxic, Unique Cream Soap Formula
● Eco-Friendly, Versatile, & effective with Unlimited Shelf Life
● Safe to Use on all Fabrics, Surfaces and Skin

● Safe on washable & fine fabric (silk, cashmere, wool, leather)
● Use on surfaces: carpeting, upholstery, tile, wood, auto interior & appliances
● It REALLY works!