Shapeabilities Amazing Paper Grace Stack and Fan Flowers Etched Dies


$12.50 $24.99

Spellbinders® is proud to offer the latest designs from the Amazing Paper Grace collection by Becca Feeken. This new line is royally beautiful and richly created, to add grace and elegance to any creative project. This Stack and Fan Flowers design allows you to create gorgeous 3-D flower elements that you can layer to perfection. Perfect for Cards, Gifts, Parties, and more!

Approximate Size(s):
Petal 1: 2.70 x 1.50 in
Petal 2: 2.50 x 1.30 in
Petal 3: 1.90 x 1.05 in
Petal 4: 1.75 x 0.90 in
Petal 5: 1.40 x 0.75 in
Petal 6: 1.30 x 0.70 in
Small Leaves: 0.90 x 1.8 in
Large Leaves: 1.10 x 2.25 in