Starburst Petal Doily Etched Dies from Dimensional Doilies by Becca Feeken


$9.50 $18.99

This Spellbinders Starburst Petal Doily Etched Die set is from from the Dimensional Doilies Collection by Becca Feeken is a set of two thin metal dies. These dies make an intricate doily shape design. Where the interlocking mechanism is located, it creates a stunning center element.

How to Create a Doily: Die cut six to seven petal doily elements. Each petal has an extension on opposite sides. Note the cut slots and the perforated lines which are fold lines. Mountain-fold the outer line and Valley-fold the inner line. To assemble an intricate doily design, slide each petal doily element together by interlocking the slotted sides. Finished Doily Measurement approximately 4.50 x 4.50 inches.

Dimensional Doily Collection is full of intricate lace designs inspired by vintage doilies. Becca Feeken brings an innovative twist to each set with an interlocking feature that connects the elements to create these beautiful shapes.

Approximate Size:
Starburst Petal Doily Elements (3 pcs): 1.79 x 2.08 in. 4.50 x 5.30 cm
Starburst Petal Inlay: 1.29 x 1.88 in. 3.27 x 4.77 cm