Beacon Kids Choice Glue 2 oz. Tube


$7.99 $7.99

Kids Choice Glue by Beacon comes in a 2 oz. tube for easy application on surfaces. With a thick viscosity, this adhesive creates a fast hold, drying clear in 45 minutes and completely cures within 24 hours. As used by Susan Tierney-Cockburn, this glue can adhere together a beautiful paper garden!

Get instant adhesion power without the mess of runny glues, heat from a glue gun, or the toxicity of solvent based glues.

Safe and easy to use, Kids Choice Glue is non-toxic and cleans up with water. Wipe away wet glue with a damp cloth or use soap and water on dried glue. For clothing, soak clothes in warm water to loosen glue and follow washing instructions. 

Size: 2 oz. Tube