Get ready to become a Glimmer Pro and take your creativity to the next level! This technique focused workshop is designed to turn Glimmer newbies into hot foiling gurus. We'll start with the fundamentals, troubleshoot any challenges, and then move on to advanced techniques that are guaranteed to leave you in awe. You'll walk away from this workshop feeling confident and empowered to take on any Glimmer project with style and finesse. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and unleash your creativity like never before!

 When is the Glimmer Live Hands-on Workshop?

This live, interactive, virtual class will take place on Saturday, May 13th at 9am Pacific. We expect the class to run for approximately 3 hours.

For whom is the class designed?

The Glimmer Live Hands-on workshop is designed for everyone! Whether you’re new to hot foiling or have used the system for years. The tips and techniques Kim will share will benefit everyone, and since the bundle contains brand new product, it’s the perfect opportunity for even the seasoned hot foiler to add beautiful new products to their stash.

Where will the class be hosted?

The class will be hosted on YouTube. In the kits, you will find a link to the event, so you can easily locate it.

What if a person cannot attend on May 13th?

The event will be archived on YouTube and a person can watch – or rewatch – at their leisure indefinitely.

Will there be a special Facebook group?

Absolutely! A QR code and a web link for the Facebook group will be included in the kits so you can easily find it.

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