OLO ZERO Brush and Chisel Tip


$7.49 $7.49

OLO Zero Brush and Chisel Tip includes two color-absent half-markers that twist together to form one marker. One tip is a brush nib while the other is a chisel tip.

The color-absent marker can be called a colorless blender or "blender," but these terms are misleading as they do not allow for traditional blending techniques. The importance of this marker is in its absence of color, hence the name ZERO. Use ZERO with OLO markers to dilute color, add texture and minimize mistakes.

Traditional markers only have approximately 2ml of ink total. OLO’s patented free-flow ink technology uses over 90% of the ink compared to standard marker technology, with only 65-70% ink usage.

Half-markers: Each OLO half-marker has 2ml of ink, more than a standard alcohol marker. Use an OLO Connector Ring (included) with any two half-markers to create a double-ended marker with over 4ml of ink! Combine half-markers to create unique double-ended markers that feature your choice of colors.

The OLO brush nib provides a smooth, fluid feel while maintaining balance and control. The OLO chisel tip was designed at a precise angle for optimal control of both thick and thin sharp lines.

Approximate Size:

  • 6.5 x 0.625 x 0.625 in. | 16.51 x 1.59 x 1.59 cm.