Karin Brushmarker PRO

Step into the vibrant world of Brushmarkers PRO and unleash your inner artist! These markers are water-based wonders, sporting a brush-like tip that lets you paint with flair, just like watercolors. With an impressive palette of seventy-two dazzling colors to choose from, your creative options are practically limitless. But hold on, there's more to the story – these colors aren't afraid to mingle and mix, so you can concoct even more shades by blending them together. It's like a color adventure right on your paper!

Thanks to their "liquid ink" technology, these markers are like color champions that stay bold and vibrant right up until the very end. And guess what? You're in control! You get to decide just how much color you want to use, giving you the power to create your very own masterpiece.

Each Brushmarker PRO comes loaded with 2.4 ml of intense, dye-based paint – talk about a color explosion! And get this, they're not just good, they're doubly efficient compared to those old-school filter markers. Plus, they've got a super-flexible nylon tip that's tough enough to handle all your artistic escapades. So grab your Brushmarkers PRO and let your creativity run wild!

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