Waffle Flower

Waffle Flower Stencil Mat


$24.00 $24.00

Waffle Flower Stencil Mat is a multi-function craft mat, made from silicone that is non-stick, waterproof, and heat-resistant.

  • The recessed work area measures approximately 9”x12” (23 cm X 30 cm)
  • Two raised edges that form a corner to help hold stencil and paper in place
  • Two open ends that allow you to use large stencils and paper.
  • Non-slip back maintains work space position
  • Wipe away dry stencil pastes and paints easily
  • Cold and heat resistant from -49ºF to 446ºF (-45ºC to 230ºC)

Clean with dampened lint-free cloth or oil-free cleaning wipe.

In between uses, store flat in the storage bag included.

- Some types of colored media/pigments may stain your mat. Staining does not change the properties of the mat.
- Avoid direct contact with tools with sharp edges such as pencils and knives. They will damage your mat.
- Oil based products (including gel plates and some cleaners) can chemically damage the mat causing unwanted swelling as it absorbs into the silicone.